About us

About us

KINGSFORK is one of the top  hotel and restaurant consultants in India, has been serving complete solutions to hospitality industry since 1996, has served more than 200 projects in India as the India’s most popular Hospitality consultancy firm who specializes in one key solution to hospitality,as hospitality  management consultants, Interior designers, commercial kitchen consultants. KINGSFORK located in Mumbai, is an interactive consultancy made up of Hospitality developers, designers, problem solvers, and all-around creative personalities. We’ve joined forces to build the best in Hospitality, native and mobile experiences. We don’t create hotels, we engineer solutions. We dedicate our days to serving our clients, and find inspiration in the challenges we meet along the way. If you’re looking to combine technologies for a unique need or working to bring an imaginative experience to life, you’re at the right place.



2 thoughts on “About us

  1. We are introduce our selves as commercial kitchen industrial canteen residential school consultant & designer.
    Please send your offer & list of customer to whom you have consulted.

    Thanks & Regards
    Nirmala Trading Corporation

    B.P.Kumthekar (9552525331)

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